NEW! 10oz Cordless Bulk Gun w/ Orange Cone Nozzles 18 Volt


300 psi


10 oz



Pro. Line Cone - Orange

  • Comes with (3) #235-3 Orange Cone Nozzles instead of standard 1/2" metal nozzle

* When ordering any cordless gun without the battery and charger, add an "N" to the end of the part number (i.e. DL-24-T17E --> DL-24-T17EN)

Albion 3rd generation cordless guns feature:

  • Speed - 20 seconds to dispense entire load at full speed
  • Power - 3 times the thrust of a standard manual drive
  • Flow control - instant drive disengagement
  • Ergonomic design - reduces wrist strain
  • Dispensing control - adjustable trigger speed
  • Duration - 150+ loads on one charge
  • Full assembly - ready to go right out of the box
  • Includes:
    • (1) 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery; supplies full power until completely drained
    • Fast 30 minute charger
    • Hytrel piston

Improvements over Albion 2nd generation cordless guns:

  • Generates 50% more force
  • Constant flow with no motor oscillation
  • More robust gear case
  • More efficient motor
  • Battery is 50% lighter than old NiCad model
  • 40% longer run time with no fade
  • 50% faster recharge
  • Wider operating temperature - down to 0°F
  • Fuel gauge
  • More shock resistance
If you are comparing Cordless Battery Powered dispensing tools with Air Powered please read our Frequently Asked Question on the subject for a complete evaluation of the pros and cons of both methods of powered dispensing.