Everything you need to seal a joint

Albion Engineering offers dispensing tools that apply or inject materials for contractors, distributors, and OEMs. Our products provide quality alternatives to the tools typically sold in hardware stores and do-it-yourself outlets. Albion caulking guns are professional strength and built to last.

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Manual Guns
Manual drive guns are portable, efficient, and adaptable. Albion offers Professional Line, B-Line, and Viper Line manual tools.
Cordless Guns
Cordless guns are battery powered and provide state-of-the-art performance, portability, and control.
Bulk Guns, Sausage Guns, Cartridge Guns, Multi-Component Guns

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Air-Powered Guns
Air-powered guns discharge the most viscous materials at a high speed in large volumes. Albion offers both single action and dual action air-powered tools.

Engineering TIDBIT

How to Clean a Steel Barrel

When cleaning a steel barrel use appropriate solvents that dissolve the material you're using. Recommended technique: keep the barrel on the gun (do not disassemble the barrel), take apart the piston assembly and clean using the same solvents. Remember to soak the leather pistons in oil before reassembling. Clean the inside of the barrel using recommended solvents and Albion's barrel brush (part #: 800-G01). Do not use a barrel brush on an Aluminum or Teflon coated barrel.