B18 Drive System


Albion is proud to announce the introduction of a completely new dispensing gun drive to its product line, the B18.



Featured on cartridge, sausage and twin cartridge guns, the B18 Drive, with an 18:1 mechanical advantage, fits into the thrust chart between the B12 and B26. 



Capable of generating 700 lbs. of force, the B18 Drive is designed for those sealants or adhesives that require more power than standard or low-viscosity product, but not quite as much power as a high viscosity product.


The B18 Drive incorporates all the features of the B26 Drive - double gripping plate technology, comfortable steel trigger, adjustable wear compensation device and smooth operating efficient design - but with higher output per stroke.


Consider adding an Albion B18 Drive gun to your arsenal of dispensing tools today.